Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keratosis Pilaris Explained by Dr. Oz

What Keratosis Pilaris looks like on the arm Q. Are these bumps a rash or keratosis pilaris?

A. "This is very important actually. Keratosis pilaris is that chicken-like skin... you notice that? What it's caused by is too much keratin, too much of the skin, increasing layer and layer. It's like painting a house with too many layers of paint, you block off the pores and so of course you end up with a little bit of inflammation there, and that gives you that classic image that we just saw. It's not rare, it's not an infection, but you can treat it with oatmeal based creams, you can use exfoliants on it, to get that extra layer of skin off." -Dr. Oz

*Click here for recommended products used to treat keratosis pilaris.

The above Q & A came from a segment on the Dr. Oz Show called, "Simple Cures For The Most Common Bumps"... the other types of bumps discussed in this segment were:

Is is a spider bite or mosquito bite? - Dr. Oz said to treat both spider bites and mosquito bites, use ice and hydrocortisone cream.

Is it an ingrown hair or pimple? - Dr. Oz said an ingrown hair is caused by a hair follicle getting stuck underneath your skin, whereas a pimple is just a blocked pore. You can often see a tiny hair inside of an ingrown hair. To treat it, you should soak the area in warm water and then dislodge the hair follicle with a sterile pair of tweezers.

Show air date - 3/10/11


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