Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keratosis Pilaris Explained by Dr. Oz

What Keratosis Pilaris looks like on the arm Q. Are these bumps a rash or keratosis pilaris?

A. "This is very important actually. Keratosis pilaris is that chicken-like skin... you notice that? What it's caused by is too much keratin, too much of the skin, increasing layer and layer. It's like painting a house with too many layers of paint, you block off the pores and so of course you end up with a little bit of inflammation there, and that gives you that classic image that we just saw. It's not rare, it's not an infection, but you can treat it with oatmeal based creams, you can use exfoliants on it, to get that extra layer of skin off." -Dr. Oz

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The above Q & A came from a segment on the Dr. Oz Show called, "Simple Cures For The Most Common Bumps"... the other types of bumps discussed in this segment were:

Is is a spider bite or mosquito bite? - Dr. Oz said to treat both spider bites and mosquito bites, use ice and hydrocortisone cream.

Is it an ingrown hair or pimple? - Dr. Oz said an ingrown hair is caused by a hair follicle getting stuck underneath your skin, whereas a pimple is just a blocked pore. You can often see a tiny hair inside of an ingrown hair. To treat it, you should soak the area in warm water and then dislodge the hair follicle with a sterile pair of tweezers.

Show air date - 3/10/11


Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr. Oz Article on Keratosis Pilaris

Treating "Chicken Skin" Bumps: Keratosis Pilaris
By Audrey Kunin, M.D. (President of DERMAdoctor, Inc.)

Chicken skin bumps – such a simple yet instantly identifiable description of the skin problem named keratosis pilaris (commonly dubbed "KP.") Can't you just visualize it? These minute, rough bumps with their grater-like texture are most frequently scattered along the upper arms and thighs. However, the cheeks, back and buttocks can all become involved at one time or another. They're annoying, unsightly, chronic and incredibly commonplace.

If you don't have this condition, odds are that you know somebody who does. Whenever I talk about KP, inevitably the individual with whom I'm conversing pauses, gasps, then exclaims "I didn't know that's what that was! My child, husband, coworker (fill in the blank as appropriate) has that!"

Because keratosis pilaris affects 50% of the entire world's population, this reaction isn't surprising. KP is somewhat more common in children and adolescents; 50 to 80% of children have KP. Adults needn't feel neglected. Keratosis pilaris affects 4 out of every 10 adults, too. Women are slightly more prone to developing keratosis pilaris. Most people with KP are unaware that not only is there a designated medical term for the condition, but that treatment exists.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

KP Elements Launched to Treat Keratosis Pilaris

KP Elements Keratosis Pilaris Cream From Elements Skincare Keratosis Pilaris - The Most Common Skin Condition You've Never Heard Of

KP Elements is an all-natural skin product designed to remedy keratosis pilaris - the irritating red bumps that are found on people's upper arms and thighs.

Keratosis pilaris contains red, aggravating bumps on sufferers’ arms and thighs. Do you have it? You may – nearly Fifty percent of the population and almost Eighty percent of kids have a tough time with the disappointing sickness.

Young enterprisers Bill D’Alessandro and Clay Iman of Denver have commenced an 100% natural skin treatment line, KP Ingredients (web site), which treats keratosis pilaris (KP) – the most usual skin sickness persons have never heard of.

Most sufferers are not alert to what keratosis pilaris is, nor do they know it is readily treated. KP isn’t pimples or perhaps eczema, although it is frequently mixed up with both and treated wrongly. KP is a surplus quantity of an albumen, called keratin, which mounds at follicles of hair, plugging them and making those troublesome red bumps.

As suffers themselves, D’Alessandro and Iman set out to rid themselves of the condition and spread consciousness to other ones. “I Have had KP my entire life and there was not a clear remedy,” tells D’Alessandro. From their study, the originators saw few all-in-one treatments for keratosis pilaris and none that were 100% natural. “Persons were utilizing whatever thing and all they can. They were utilizing foot balms, face balms, and units from their pantries and gardens. They were in addition utilizing goods with chemical compounds in them that in fact made the condition worse,” tells D’Alessandro. Given those conclusions, D’Alessandro and Iman collaborated with chemists to assure KP Ingredients was diverse – an operative treatment that was 100% natural and safe for persons.

KP Ingredients’ originators believe they’ve made the most operative production on the market. KP Ingredients differentiates itself in that it uses all pure components to fight keratosis pilaris. “The market has been waiting for that production,” tells D’Alessandro.

Although there are so many KP sufferers, the originators face small amount of an uphill struggle in educating persons about the condition. “Each Day Bill and I meet persons who suffer with KP and are bothered by it, though they do not know what it is. That is as much a consciousness campaign as whatever thing else,” tells Iman. “Though that is where the power of social media will come in. We’re working to integrate ourselves in the right communities and are getting an amazing reaction.”

For The Cause That Eighty percent of kids and teenagers suffer with KP, the founding pair is especially worried about utilizing KP Ingredients’ consciousness campaign to notify ancestors so they are capable to help their kids treat the condition. D’Alessandro has seen kids teased relentlessly due to their KP. “Youngsters might be extraordinarily tough on one the other as ancestors know all too well. We do not desire keratosis pilaris to be a source of aggravation for kids.”

Given the previous lack of operative goods on the market, D’Alessandro and Iman are conscious that KP Ingredients’ entry may be at the start viewed with healthful skepticism by people that have attempted different goods with little perfection. “We realize persons are aggravated by the ineffectiveness of subsisting treatments, though that is the pretty cause KP Ingredients was made. We desire persons to know that is an 100% natural production that works.”

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keratosis Pilaris Article - Allure, May

Those little red bumps on the backs of your arms—they're not pimples. They're a genetic condition called keratosis pilaris, which half of the population has. There's no cure, but they are easy to treat. Twice a day, slather on a moisturizer with lactic acid or urea, which will dissolve the thickened skin. You can find AmLactin 12% Moisturizing Cream over the counter, but if you don't see a difference after about three weeks, ask your dermatologist about prescription creams such as Carmol 10 and Lac-Hydrin. Make sure you kick abrasive scrubs and loofahs out of your shower, and avoid cranking the hot water all the way up—all of these things can inflame the area further.

Credit: As Seen in Allure - May 2010

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